Delivering digitalisation and innovation whilst keeping the human touch

At the end of 2018 I was looking back to the start of Retail-BCG and how far we have come.  We began in the market advising banks and retailers about payment and technology issues.  But it soon became clear that our customers in both the banking and retail sector needed solutions rather than advice and that is how our innovation in the payments arena began to grow.

Today we deliver solutions aimed at helping our clients innovate and digitalise their business such as:

– White label ATM solution where our service is branded as the clients
– Customer experience where we manage the full end to end service for our customers
– Niche bank services such as SME Deposits where we provide a branded solution to help branch network optimisation
– Integrated App solutions allowing Apps to pre-stage ATM transactions
– E-wallet solutions aligned to loyalty schemes

Our next generation of services will include API and open banking along with AI services as our business truly embraces the digital marketplace.  But not forgetting that talking and listening to our customers will be fundamental to our future growth and success.

If you’d like to talk with Andrew and the technical team to see how your business can benefit from payments innovation call +44 (0)7803 831 629 or email